MCCS – Mission Configurable Container System


The MCCS (Mission Configurable Container System) ships fully assembled.  It can be towed to a needed location by the optional MCCS Trailer and deployed in about 5 minutes.  The MCCS comes equipped with a battery operated pump for raising and lowering the weapon platform, top roof that opens and closes and a weapon mount platform that locks in place.  The MCCS comes configured with an automated system to open the roof, lift the weapon system and lock the platform in place on a single button press. The container platform can accommodate 5,000 pounds of payload.  Operations can be conducted both with and without the trailer.  

The MCCS top tripod and accessory mount plate can be configured to mount many different types of automated weapon systems.  These systems can be operated remotely via wire or wireless utilizing FM radios.  

The MCCS trailer comes with electric brakes, 12 VDC lights and 7 pin trailer plug.  Surge brakes, 24 VDC lights and 12 pin military plug are available as an option.  When deployed, the outriggers are extended outward and the jacks on each outrigger can be used to stabilize the MCCS.





Part No.DescriptionWeightShipping Size
10572CSMission Configurable Container System6,000 lbs. 8' H x 6.5' W x 10.5' L
10572CTMCCS Trailer3,000 lbs.5' H x 7.5' W x 21' L