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  • 18″ x 50′ Concertina Wire
    18″ x 50′ Concertina Wire
    DESCRIPTION: Perimeter Security Products offers 18 inch diameter coils x 50 ft long barbed tape concertina wire. The typical coils of Concertina wire purchased are galvanized with NATO short barbs. Stainless steel barbs and wire are available as an option. These are available on our GSA Contract (GS-07F-9503S). As an option we offer the following Razor blades: NATO Short blade Medium blade Long blade Detainer blade Photos below shows Concertina Wire installed on top of our Houston Barricades. We offer Brackets that for attaching the wire to top ...
  • Rapid Deployment Wire
    Rapid Deployment Wire
    This product is meant to be used in conjunction with the ANT® 40LR. During a simulated test the wire was deployed in about 2 minutes. The wire was recovered in about 20 minutes using 2 men.
  • Razor Wire Trailer
    Razor Wire Trailer
    The Razor Wire Trailer can deploy, recover and store about 250 ft of triple strand razor wire. The razor wire can be either NATO short barb, medium blade, long blade or detainer hook. It can be produced in either galvanized wire / galvanized blade, galvanized wire / stainless steel blade or stainless steel wire / stainless steel blade. The standard triple strand wire is comprised of 2 – 28” coils on bottom and 1 – 38” coil on top. These 3 coils form a barrier that is approximately 58” wide x 66” tall.