About Us

Spirit of America Corporation is a privately owned small business.


e seek to add brand names by acquisition or start-up. We have no restrictions as to the type of business as long as the potential for adequate profit and return on investment exists. Our preference in acquisitions is through payment in our common stock, employment of the seller as Division Manager, and subsequent buy-out through stock repurchase.
Our responsibility is to you, the customer, our greatest asset are our employees.

Sales growth is sought at three levels. First, we strive to expand sales and market share in each existing operating brand. Second, we intend to systematically add to the number of brands within each Division. Finally, it is our desire to add Divisions to the family of companies.

Throughout this process we will utilize management techniques that will increase the profit proportionally to sales as a minimum standard. We will further increase profit by achieving better efficiencies and levels of quality in the way we conduct business.


Management recognizes that the shareholders collectively own the company and are entitled to the maximum return we can achieve on their investment which we have been hired to develop and protect.


e will collectively plan our future and set realistic long and short term goals. We are collectively responsible for reaching those goals within the stated period and setting new goals. We will also continuously plan for improvements, as viewed by our customers, in the methods we use for the conduct of our business. We are dedicated to the training and development of each and every person to the highest level at which they are capable of functioning because we know this to be the most important factor of company growth. We will make a dedicated effort to promote from within as a reward for performance.

We are an equal opportunity employer offering jobs and a growth potential to the members of our community who choose to apply themselves. We promote based on performance. We deal fairly and honestly with our customers and vendors. We support community activities and understand that our greatest contribution to our communities is remaining strong, growth oriented, loyal and profitable.

We choose to employ people that have a total dedication to the customer, utilizing a team effort. Our employees seek to better themselves by increasing their knowledge and skills on a continual basis. Our employees will not be saddled with superiors, peers, or subordinates who do not practice the level of commitment or apply the principles outlined in the Mission Statement. Our employees insist on performance as the guidepost by which they are compensated and promoted. We will not employ or continue to employ those who do not support the Mission Statement, violate company policies, use illegal drugs, commit crimes, neglect in improving themselves, or fail to meet their performance objectives. We will reward, promote, support , and encourage those who do perform.

Ronald Knutson


Vice President/Project Manager


Email: ronald@soacorp.com

Office Phone: 260-459-0456

Cell Phone: 260-760-3029

Call me with your Engineering or Product detail questions.

Tim Henson


Vice President/Special Projects


Email: tim@soacorp.com

Office Phone: 260-459-0456

Cell Phone: 219-401-0266

Call me with your Special Project or Product questions.