Traffic Control

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  • Emergency Response Unit
    Emergency Response Unit
    In critical situations, you don't want to waste time looking all over for the required equipment, the ERU is made just for this purpose. This unit is complete, compact, and ready to roll at a moments notice.
  • Heavy Duty Stanchion
    Heavy Duty Stanchion
    The Stanchion is manufactured of rotationally molded plastic using water or sand as ballast. The separate post slips out from the bottom of the base thus lending ease for assembly and storage.
  • MERT (Multiple Event Response Trailer)
    MERT (Multiple Event Response Trailer)
    The M.E.R.T. (Multiple Event Response Trailer) is a light-weight, affordable, highly visible (ideal for limited visibility and darkness) and rapidly deployable trailer that packs the right equipment needed in any situation!!!!
  • Tire Shredder
    Tire Shredder
    Tire Shredder and Directional Controller is easily installed to an existing roadway with no excavating or asphalt cutting. The low profile allows for smooth passage in the allowed position.
  • Vehicle Inspection Platform
    Vehicle Inspection Platform
    PSP is constantly striving to design products that will make the work environment a safer and more efficient place. We recognized the need to streamline and improve vehicle inspections and as a result we have designed our newest product, the Vehicle Inspection Platform (VIP).