Blast & Ballistic Protection

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  • Ballistic Bench
    Ballistic Bench
    The NIJ-4 Ballistic Bench was designed for providing protection across the front of a military Recruiting Office. The benches are easy to assemble and require no engineering support. The benches are 5 feet long and can be either free standing or anchored to floor.
  • Ballistic Wall Partition
    Ballistic Wall Partition
    NIJ-4 Ballistic Wall Partitions for enclosing work areas. Easy to assemble, no engineering support is required. Can be configured to fit any office, work area, reception area, etc. Can be either free standing or anchored to floor.
  • Crash Certified Revetment Wall
    Crash Certified Revetment Wall
    PSP has been hard at work engineering a new product specifically designed to protect critical infrastructures, military personnel, and innocent civilians from terrorist attacks involving explosive weapons.
  • Defensive Fighting Position (DFP)
    Defensive Fighting Position (DFP)
    Defensive Fighting Position (DFP) is a personal mobile guard post. It can be portable or permanently installed anywhere. Comes with a fold shelf and seat. NIJ-4 or NIJ-3 Ballistic walls and windows, 270° of protection from blast, ballistic & shrapnel.
  • Mobile Ballistic Checkpoint
    Mobile Ballistic Checkpoint
    The Mobile Ballistic Checkpoint is a tandem axle complete system that can be towed behind any vehicle with 2-5/16” ball hitch. It’s ability to be rapidly deployed makes it ideal for Military Checkpoints, Dock Security, Border Patrol Operations and many other applications requiring mobile security.
  • Portable Ballistic Panel
    Portable Ballistic Panel
    Portable Ballistic Panels can be moved to where protection is required. Once you have it in the require position, all 4 wheels are locked. It is easy to assemble and no engineering support is required. We offer standard panels in 3.5 feet and 5 feet long options. Other sizes available upon request. Available in either a NIJ-3 or NIJ-4 Ballistic Protection.
  • Standard Revetment Wall
    Standard Revetment Wall
    The customer should first consult with the appropriate qualified personnel of their choosing, to insure the base/foundation will support the mass. This should be done prior to the installation of the media in the barrier/structure/wall/barricade.
  • Weapons Clearing Station
    Weapons Clearing Station
    The Weapons Clearing Station provides a safe, easy to use, and attractive appearance for weapon clearing. The 360° innovative design allows assurance that you are protected from any angle.