Centurion CSW Guard Tower

The Centurion CSW Guard Tower ships fully assembled. It can be towed to a needed location by the optional Centurion Trailer and deployed in about 5 minutes. 

42″ Tall x 8′ Long Positive Lock Barricade – Standard & Economy

The Standard Portable Safety Barricade can be used in a variety of applications including: traffic control and channeling, building security, gate approach, bridges, roads, work zones, construction areas, lane delineation, national and state parks, and parking lots. Capable of being easily positioned without engineering support, this barricade will provide excellent protection in any application.

Ground Bunker

The Bunker/Checkpoint is designed to enable the combat troops to secure and hold the specific objective. The objective can be in various forms of check points, road intersections, airfields, bridges, supply dumps, troop encampments and others in various threat level situations.

24′ Portable Guard Tower

The Guard Tower itself is manufactured with four separate wall units that allow for quick and easy assembly on top of two standard Conex Boxes. Once placed on the Conex Boxes the Guard Tower will be approximately 24 feet in the air, giving the guards a greater view of the perimeter or area of threat. Once in position, the walls are filled from the top using sand as ballast. The sand filled walls provide the guards inside with 360 degrees of protection from 9mm, 5.56, and 7.62 threats.

Mobile Ballistic Checkpoint

The Mobile Ballistic Checkpoint is a tandem axle complete system that can be towed behind any vehicle with 2-5/16” ball hitch. It’s ability to be rapidly deployed makes it ideal for Military Checkpoints, Dock Security, Border Patrol Operations and many other applications requiring mobile security.

Portable Ballistic Panel

Portable Ballistic Panels can be moved to where protection is required. Once you have it in the require position, all 4 wheels are locked. It is easy to assemble and no engineering support is required. We offer standard panels in 3.5 feet and 5 feet long options. Other sizes available upon request. Available in either a NIJ-3 or NIJ-4 Ballistic Protection.

Centurion CS Guard Tower

The Centurion Guard Tower can be set in place and made ready for use in under 5 minutes. The Guard Tower’s ability to be rapidly deployed make it ideal for Military Checkpoints, Dock Security, Border Patrol Operations, etc.

Ballistic Bench

The NIJ-4 Ballistic Bench was designed for providing protection across the front of a military Recruiting Office. The benches are easy to assemble and require no engineering support. The benches are 5 feet long and can be either free standing or anchored to floor.

Container Trailer

The Container Trailer can be used to transport Quadcon (5 x 8 ft.) Containers or Tricon (6.5 x 8 ft.) Containers. The containers are loaded onto the locking lugs by forklift or other material handling equipment. Once loaded onto the trailer, the container can be quickly locked into place for transportation.