• Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailers
    Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailers
    The Pro-Pallet Carrier® allows any vehicle with a conventional ball or military hitch to haul and unload heavy loads simply, quickly, and safely! And all this can be accomplished with only a single operator!
  • Container Trailer
    Container Trailer
    The Container Trailer can be used to transport Quadcon (5 x 8 ft.) Containers or Tricon (6.5 x 8 ft.) Containers. The containers are loaded onto the locking lugs by forklift or other material handling equipment. Once loaded onto the trailer, the container can be quickly locked into place for transportation.
  • Fixed Fork Pallet Trailer
    Fixed Fork Pallet Trailer
    Combines the lifting power and material handling with flexibility of a fork lift and the highway speed transportation of a large truck.