Vehicle Inspection Platform


PSP is constantly striving to design products that will make the work environment a safer and more efficient place. We recognized the need to streamline and improve vehicle inspections and as a result we have designed our newest product, the Vehicle Inspection Platform (VIP). Currently, at all gate entrances; guards are required to visually inspect truck beds and trailers before allowing entry. These guards are routinely becoming injured because they must first climb or pull themselves up onto the truck bed to completely inspect the vehicle and then jump down once inspection is complete.

As a result of climbing in and out of truck and trailer beds, guards are not only getting dirty but also slipping and falling. Since the easy way off the inspected vehicle is to jump down, the guards do a stiff jump which can cause sprained muscles, turned ankles, wrenched knees, pulled backs, and a host of other problems. The guard must also be taken off duty until the injury is healed resulting in a lost asset for the entire base. The simple solution is to place the VIP at all gate entrances and containment areas. The problems mentioned above will be eliminated and you will have a safe, efficient and more logical way to inspect incoming vehicles.

As can be seen in the above photo, the Vehicle Inspection Platform is comprised of 3 different items.

  1. 7′ long Starter Kit
    • The 7′ Starter Kit is the item you start with.
    • Only one of the Starter Kits is required for each Vehicle Inspection Platform.
  2. Stair Kit
    • You will need at least 1 set of stairs for each stand alone Vehicle Inspection Platform.
    • As an option, you can add a second stairs to the other end.
  3. 7′ long Extender Kit
    • Attaches to Starter Kit to add 7′ additional length
    • You can add as many Extension Kits as required.
    • Note, if you want a 28′ long platform (as shown below), you will need 1 Starter Kit, 1 or 2 Stair Kits and 3 Extension Kits.
Basic Features
  • No tools necessary for assembly or disassembly
  • No loose parts
  • Can be moved or redeployed as necessary
  • Palletized for shipping
  • Can be deployed on a 463L
  • Easy leveling with use of included screw jacks
  • Can be taken down and stored if desired
  • Stable platform and work surface
  • Simple to erect by hand with only one or two personnel
  • Creates a high observation inspection point
  • Needs no engineering support
  • Lights & Signs easily attached
  • No equipment or power necessary for installation
  • Modular for any added length necessary
  • Made in the USA



Part No.DescriptionSizeWeight
51503SKVehicle Inspection Station - Starter Kit (does not include stairs, they are purchased separately)42" H x 24" W x 78" L300 lbs.
51303SStair Kit
51803EKExtender Kit