Heavy Duty Stanchion


The Stanchion is manufactured of rotationally molded plastic using water or sand as ballast. The separate post slips out from the bottom of the base thus lending ease for assembly and storage. The 1/4″ nominal thickness of plastic plus the weight when filled with ballast affords the unit more stability from high winds or jet blast. Each unit weighs 18.5 Lbs. empty, 65 Lbs. when filled with water and 120 Lbs. when filled with sand. We have molded a 3/8-16 stainless steel thread insert in the top of the unit post to allow installation of a reflector, handle, sign, plastic tape or many other uses. Reflective tape stripping can be applied. Great for flight lines, sports events, parking lots, air shows, restricted areas and crosswalks, just let your imagination take over. Can be used for defensive cover and is small enough to go in a plane pod.



Part No.ColorSizeWeight (Empty)Weight (w/Water)Weight (w/Sand)NSN No.GSA No.
61111Safety OrangeØ18" x 48" H20 lbs.65 lbs.120 lbs.5660-01-468-0198GS-07F-9574S
61112Safety YellowØ18" x 48" H20 lbs.65 lbs.120 lbs.5660-01-468-0202GS-07F-9574S
61113RedØ18" x 48" H20 lbs.65 lbs.120 lbs.5660-01-468-0203GS-07F-9574S
61114ConcreteØ18" x 48" H20 lbs.65 lbs.120 lbs.5660-01-468-0206GS-07F-9574S