MERT (Multiple Event Response Trailer)


The M.E.R.T. (Multiple Event Response Trailer) is a light-weight, affordable, highly visible (ideal for limited visibility and darkness) and rapidly deployable trailer that packs the right equipment needed in any situation!!!! This unique response trailer allows any department / service to have the ability to close off roads, delineate traffic, post detours, keep personnel safe, and allow vital assets to be released and re-deployed as needed. The MERT is designed to operate attached to a vehicle or in a stand-alone mode. The MERT comes completely equipped to meet the needs of your department or organization.

Each trailer is 80″ Wide by 72″ High by 200″ Long and weigh approximately 2,500 pounds.

Each trailer contains the following:

  • 2-Storage Cases (one located on each side)
    • Each case is approximately 40” long x 20” wide x 10” deep
    • 1 case contains:
      • 9 Barrier Lights (your color choice)
      • 2 Traffic Wands (your color choice)
    • 1 case contains:
      • First Aid Kit
      • Fire Extinguisher
  • 1-Tongue Tool Box:
    • Box is approximately 36” long x 18” wide x 18” deep
    • Battery for running wig/wag lights when not attached to vehicle is located inside box
  • Solar panels charges battery
  • LED wig/wag Strobe Flasher with toggle switch to turn on wig/wag lights
  • 9 – 3 ft Dragon Tooth Barricades
  • 3’ x 3’ x 3’ tall
    • Can be filled with water
    • Empty weight is 50 lbs
    • Total filled weight is approximately 250 lbs
  • 36 Traffic Cones
    • 28” inches high
    • 6” wide reflective collar



Part No.DescriptionSizeWeight
MERT1Multi Event Response Trailer6' H x 6.5' W x 16' L2500 lbs.