8′ x 8′ Temporary Containment Cell


The 8′ x 8′ Temporary Containment Cell is a portable module designed to securely restrain, isolate, and control an individual under legal apprehension.  This is an ideal product for law enforcement personnel who may need to detain people without being able to leave the premises.  For example, the Temporary Containment Cell could be setup beforehand at Fairs, Concerts, Shows, or any public event, in order to detain rowdier elements or even as a deterrent to potential troublemakers.

This 8’x8′ Temporary Containment Cell is easily erected with 2 – 4 men and can be accomplished in approximately one hour.  All the panels are interchangeable allowing you to position the door, the optional cot, and the optional toilet panel in the most convenient position.

The Cells can be configured in a row, in a row with a guarded walkway or double row with guarded walkway between cells. Doors can be ordered for to swing either from the left or right side.



Part No.DescriptionSizeWeight
TPCF888-CUComplete Unit (less Cot and Toilet Panels)8' H x 8' W x 8' L1500 lbs.
TPCF888-TUToilet and Toilet Panel 8' H x 3' W x 4' L300 lbs.
TPCF888-CCPUCot and Cot Panel2' H x 3' W x 8' L250 lbs.


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