Removable Bollards


PSP manufactures high quality removable bollards which are used in hundreds of applications in a wide variety of security industries. One of the most prevalent uses of the removable bollard is for traffic control in areas where vehicular and pedestrian traffic needs to be monitored. These removable bollards are particularly useful as visual cues.

Removable bollards are specially designed for restricted areas that occasionally have a need for emergency passageways, or to allow random access for vehicles such as delivery trucks. When access is needed into an area that is protected by the bollard, simply hand lift the bollard out of the sleeve and cover the hole with the included cap. Replace the bollard to reinstate the protective barrier. The bollards have a 15 year service life. When they are strategically located they will give excellent 24-hour protection with no maintenance. CBP bollards are installed at facilities worldwide.

The Removable Bollard Kit includes the following:

  • Removable Bollard
  • Bollard Receiver (embedded into concrete)
  • Bollard Cap (caps the hole when Bollard has been removed)

We offer a locking option, which will allow you to lock the bollard and cap into place if required. See photos below.


Bollard Receiver lock                                       Bollard Cap lock

It is important to never use just one bollard. Two are required for minimum proper protection.

More Information

Part No.ItemColorGSA No.
696RKITGG6″ BollardGray GraniteGS-07F-9574S
696RKITTG6″ BollardTan GraniteGS-07F-9574S
896RKITGG8″ BollardGray GraniteGS-07F-9574S
896RKITTG8″ BollardTan GraniteGS-07F-9574S
10″ Bollard WeightRack WeightPlastic Cover Weight
450 lbs.600 lbs.24 lbs.