Raptor Vehicle Barrier



The Raptor is a powder coated steel vehicle barrier that will stop vehicles that try to crash through it. It is shipped disassembled on a skid. When ready for deployment, simply use the supplied tool and it can be easily assembled without engineering support. Since it is not mounted to any surface, it can be easily relocated using a forklift. The open design does not allow someone to hide behind it as can be done with solid barriers. A Chain Kit is also available to attach several of the barriers together and/or anchor it to a specific location.

On May 15, 2010, Perimeter Security Products performed a crash test on the Raptor Vehicle Barrier. The testing was based on the Standard Test Method for Vehicle Crash Testing of Perimeter Barriers (ASTM F2656-07). A 3/4-ton pickup truck weighing approx. 5200 lbs. was crashed into the Raptor at 40 mph. The result? The Raptor Vehicle Barrier stopped the truck and only moved barrier back about 2 ft. It was a complete success.

The Raptor is also available as an approximately 5′ High Barrier.   This was tested on a 15,000# truck traveling at 50 mph. It brought the truck to a complete stop and disabled it.

Each Chain Kit consists of 2 – 6′ long Chains with all hardware for attaching to the Raptors.

Optional Cart is available for easier moving of the assembled 4′ Raptor Barriers as shown in photo below.

4′ Raptor with optional Cart

More Information

NamePart No.SizeWeightGSA
4′ Raptor BarrierRP9048SY6.5′ (L) x 4′ (W) x 3.7′ (H)650 lbs.GS-07F-0273J
5′ Raptor BarrierRP12060SY10.5′ (L) x 5′ (W) x 4.7′ (H) 1800 lbs.GS-07F-0273J
Chain KitRPCCK1442 – 6 ft long chains20 lbs.N/A
Raptor Cart (only for 4′ Raptor)RP9048C74″ (L) x 6′ (W) x 20″ (T)100 ibs.N/A

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