Permanent Steel Bollards

Permanent Steel Bollards


Since September 11th, barricades have become more and more prevalent in both civilian and military applications. The proliferation of barricades to guard against truck bombs and terrorist attacks can make pedestrian areas seems like a war zone. Space efficient and landscape friendly, PSP’s sturdy, permanent security bollards will help protect critical infrastructure from damage. These cost effective and durable bollards can also be used to widen congested sidewalks as the footprint is much smaller than a normal sized barricade.

Public safety and the security of government buildings have taken on a new sense of urgency. The use of sturdy, permanent security bollards can provide a simple, secure and attractive method of protecting the public from acts of terrorism while allowing pedestrians to move freely. These bollards will also help protect critical infrastructures by providing strong and cost-effective safeguards. The bollards have a 15 year service life. When they are strategically located they will give 24-hour protection for over a decade.

It is important to never use just one bollard. Two are required for minimum proper protection.

More Information

Part No.WeightSizeLengthExposure
684132.8 lbs.6″7′36″
690142.3 lbs.6″7’6″42″
696151.8 lbs.6″8′48″
884199.9 lbs.8″7′36″
890214.2 lbs.8″7’6″42″
896228.4 lbs.8″8′48″
1084283.4 lbs.10″7′36″
1090303.6 lbs.10″7’6″42″
1096323.9 lbs.10″8′48″
1284347 lbs.12″7′36″
1290371.7 lbs.12″7’6″42″
1296396.5 lbs.12″8′48″