Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailers



The Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailer, can pick up and carry loads several times its own weight. The Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailer combines the lifting power and material handling flexibility of a fork lift and the highway-speed transportation capacity of a large truck. The Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailer allows any vehicle with a conventional ball or military hitch to haul and unload heavy loads simply, quickly, and safely! And all this can be accomplished with only a single operator! The Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailer is incredibly strong; carrying loads of up to 9500 pounds! Because of the balanced tongue, a low center of gravity, a wide wheelbase and failsafe locking arms, the Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailer can safely and quickly tow heavy loads. Simply back the Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailer’s adjustable forks under the pallet, raise the pallet using the hydraulic lift, lock down the safety bars and drive away!

The Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailer is simple to use. The generous wheel spacing allows plenty of room to clear wide loads and gives outstanding stability on the road. The load is raised and lowered using the powerful, electrically-driven hydraulic lift. When fully raised, the load has normal road clearance. The final step to securing the cargo is the insertion of two safety bars. Simply put the bars in place, insert the locking keys and release the hydraulic pressure to lower the weight and lock the frame. The cargo is now safe to tow at highway speeds.

Combines the lifting power and material handling of a fork lift with the flexibility and highway speed transportation of a large truck.  Standard color is black. Other basic colors are available upon request.

Cost Effective Commercial Delivery:

  • Pellet Fuels
  • Stoves
  • Bricks and Pavers
  • Sod
  • Portable Storage Containers
  • Commercial Supplies
  • Storage Containers

Military Deliveries:

  • TriCon Containers
  • Guard Towers
  • Rapid Deployable Razor Wire
  • Water Boxes

More Information

Load Capacity: 4500 Pounds 4500 Pounds 7500 Pounds9500 Pounds
Fork Length: 48 inches 96 inches 96 inches96 inches
Mast Height: 48 inches 48 inches 72 inches72 inches
Maximum Load Width: 62 inches 62 inches 80 inches80 inches
Trailer Width: 88 inches 88 inches 102 inches102 inches
Hitch Size: 2-5/16 inch Ball or optional Pintle 2-5/16 inch Ball or optional Pintle 2-5/16 inch Ball or optional Pintle2-5/16 inch Ball or optional Pintle
Electrical Plug: 7 Pole 7 Pole 7 Pole7 Pole
Brakes:Electric (Std.) or Optional SurgeElectric (Std.) or Optional SurgeElectric (Std.) or Optional SurgeElectric (Std.) or Optional Surge
Notes: Tandem AxlesTandem Axles

Customized size units available upon request.

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