Security Kit


Construction Zone? Traffic Control? The PSP Security Kit has everything you need to make the flow of traffic smooth. The Kit arrives in 2 boxes, so you do not have to wait for one area to be set up before continuing onto the next. Each kit contains quality products and a high quality polyethylene plastic storage box, that is lightweight, rust, water, and rot proof and will eliminate the need to use heavy wood and metal boxes. All items except the cones are packaged in storage box. All items can be ordered separately after you have bought the kit.


Part No.SizeWeight


  • 2 - rolls - Police Do Not Cross Tape 3" x 100'
  • 20 - 28" Traffic Cones with Reflective collars
  • 2 rolls - Red Nylon Braided Rope 3/8" x 500'
  • 2 ea - 12" Convex Vehicle Mirrors
  • 2 ea - 18" Slow/Stop Sign Paddles
  • 2 ea - Metal Detector Superscanner
  • 1 ea - Metal Detector Recharger Kit
  • Storage Box


Kit components may be changed or substituted based upon manufacturer’s availability.