Sea or Cruise Box


The Sea/Cruise Box is manufactured from high-density polyethylene. It is rot proof, rust resistant, and water resistant. Because of the high quality material, it is also resistant to minor dents, dings and general damage. It is extremely sturdy and durable as it was designed to withstand rough transportation and long-term storage. Even when empty it is strong enough to support the weight of a 250 lb man.

Using the input of experienced military personnel this product has been created to make the transporting of personal belongings more efficient. Instead of wasting time trying to maneuver awkward, heavy, wooden boxes with their sharp corners, it would be simpler to use the PSP Sea/Cruise Box. Weighing only 23 lbs when empty, with smooth, rounded corners, a retractable carrying handle, recessed wheels, side handles, and Velcro straps, the troops can finish packing and moving their belongings in record time.

Instead of struggling to lift an over-packed box simply pull out the retractable handle and maneuver it using the recessed wheels on the bottom. The combination of the wheels with the handle will allow the user to easily pull the Box behind them instead of struggling to lift it and possibly injuring themselves. The handle can be retracted when the Sea/Cruise Box is not in use. Once retracted it can be indefinitely stored in tight and/or limited spaces with no deterioration from the elements.

There will be times when lifting the Box will become unavoidable. When this happens simply retract the handle and lift it using the conveniently placed side handles. These handles will snap down and out of the way when not in use. The included Velcro straps allow the lid to be held firmly in place during storage or transportation. If a more secure option is desired, the Velcro straps can be ordered with lockable inserts.



Part No.ColorSizeWeight
75021ODOlive16" H x 16.5" W x 31" L23 lbs.