Ground Bunker


The  Ground Bunker is designed to enable the combat troops to secure and hold the specific objective. This unit can be erected quickly and is portable, utilizing the least amount of manpower with very limited engineering support. The 360 degrees protection provides the greatest amount of soldier protection and survivability and enable the troops to take care of themselves quickly and adequately.

The Ground Bunker is designed to provide ballistic protection for troops while inside. It meets the current NIJ4 Ballistic requirements. The Ground Bunker has 10 inch thick x 4 ft tall walls that provide 360 degrees of protection. On the non-threat side, there is a walk thru area to allow easier access. When the walls are filled with sand, they will stop up to 7.62 rounds. The roof provides protection from wind, rain and sun. A wind/rain/visibility Shield that attaches with Velcro is available as an option.

Standard colors are Olive Drab and Desert Tan. An optional bad weather protective cover is available. The Bunker arrives with all materials and tools necessary for setup and deployment. Purchases by the USANG, USAF and USA for different applications is ongoing.



Ground Bunker - Sand Filled

Part No.ItemSizeTotal WeightEmpty WeightGSA No.NSN No.
9672OD-GBOlive Drab8' H x 8' W x 7' L10,000 lbs.1,500 lbs.Pending-
9672DT-GBDesert Tan8' H x 8' W x 7' L10,000 lbs.1,500 lbs.Pending-

Optional Protective Cover will fit either sand or water-filled Ground Bunker

Part No.ColorDescription
4130ODOlive DrabBunker Checkpoint Protective Cover
4130DTDesert TanBunker Checkpoint Protective Cover