Rapid Deployment Wire


This product is meant to be used in conjunction with the ANT® 40LR. During a simulated test the wire was deployed in about 2 minutes. The wire was recovered in about 20 minutes using 4 men.

64 x 80 BTC Express is a rapid deployment barrier. It deploys a BTC concertina barbed tape barrier 64 inches wide, 80 inches high, and 500 feet long. The magazine of BTC will deploy the barrier at a speed of 500 feet in 2 minutes. The barrier can be recovered at 500 feet per 15 minutes for redeployment. The loaded magazine is designed for use with the 463L military pallet. Line posts provide for the attachment of communications cables, power cables, high voltage lines, sensor cables and secondary coaxial barbed tape coils. BTC, barbed tape concertina, is a coil of single-strand spring-steel line wire fitted with barbed tape. The coil loops are connected by steel clips to form a cylindrical diamond-pattern when the coil is deployed.

Various sizes are available. Please contact us for more information.




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