High Threat Security Barricade


This barricade is easily moved by hand, without engineering support, to provide excellent protection in any application. Easily connects to the Houston Barricade. Simply position the barricade and fill with water or sand for ballast, as determined by the threat level. Empty and recover for repositioning.

The barricade is made of rotationally molded plastic and is therefore maintenance free, with no need of paint and no metal to rust. Standard colors for High Threat Barricade are white concrete, safety orange, safety yellow, olive drab and desert tan. Other colors are available upon request.

This barricade was tested and found to be ideal for anti-terrorism and force protection. PSP has conducted live fire tests with 50 cal. & 155 fragmentation shrapnel. These tests were done by an independent lab (HP White) and reports are available upon requests. Both the water and sand filled barricade demonstrated at Aberdeen Proving Grounds that it had no through penetration of shrapnel from an RPG-HE detonation. This barricade, as well as all the other high density polyethylene products from PSP, is know for catching shrapnel, elimination rebound and ricochet.



Part No.DescriptionSizeWeight EmptyWeight Full
6036WHigh Threat Security Barricade-Water5' T x 3' W x 7.5' L260 lbs.6000 lbs.
6036SHigh Threat Security Barricade-Sand5' T x 3' W x 7.5' L270 lbs.9000 lbs.
4836WHigh Threat Security Barricade-Water4' T x 3' W x 7.5' L220 lbs.4500 lbs.
4836SHigh Threat Security Barricade-Sand4' T x 3' W x 7.5' L230 lbs.7000 lbs.