Centurion CSW Guard Tower


The Centurion CSW Guard Tower ships fully assembled. It can be towed to a needed location by the optional Centurion Trailer and deployed in about 5 minutes.  The Centurion comes equipped with a battery operated pump for raising and lowering the unit. The battery operated pump makes setup as easy as pressing a button. The 24 volt DC system is kept charged by a solar panel.

The Centurion CSW has ballistic steel and glass panels providing 360º protection to the Guard Tower that are NIJ4 certified (30-06 armor piercing). The roof is also NIJ4 certified. The floor is 3/16″ ballistic steel to stop shrapnel. The external ladder attached to the container door allows for easily accessing the Guard Tower. The Ballistic door is opened inward to allow entry and can be locked on the inside. The Ballistic windows can be easily opened or closed from the inside of the Guard Tower. When the lower window is opened, there is an optional weapons shelf that can be tipped outward for supporting a weapon bipod or other items.

The floor has a place to attach 12″ HVAC hoses to provide heat or air conditioning to the Guard Tower. The HVAC hoses can be routed through a small door in the left side container door as shown in photo.

The Centurion Trailer comes with electric brakes, 12 VDC lights and 7 pin trailer plug. Surge Brakes, 24 VDC lights and 12 pin military plug are available as an option. When deployed, the outriggers are extended outward and the jacks on each outrigger can be used to level and stabilize the Centurion.



Part No.DescriptionWeightShipping SizeGSA No.
9672CSWCenturion CSW Guard Tower11,000 lbs.8' H x 6.5' W x 8' LPending
9672CTCenturion Trailer3,000 lbs.4' H x 88" W x 18' LGS-07F-9574S
AM4596DTAccessory Mount Platform200 lbs.2' H x 3.5' W x 8' L-
HVAC15DTHVAC Kit60 lbs.20" H x 20" W x 20" L-
CC967812DTCenturion Storage Cover20 lbs.10" H x 20" W x 20" L-