Air Transportable Storage Container


The Air Transportable Storage Container (ATSC) was designed with the help of Air Force professionals to eliminate problems and headaches common to transporting large loads. The ATSC is manufactured in three sizes. The Small Container measures 48″ (H) x 41″ (W) x 50″(L) and weighs 180 lbs with approximately 50 cubic ft capacity. The Medium Container measures 32″ (H) x 41″ (W) x 102″ (L) and weighs 300 lbs with approximately 65 cubic ft capacity. The Large Container measures 48″ (H) x 41″ (W) x 102″ (L) and weighs 330 lbs with approximately 100 cubic ft capacity. Manufactured from the highest quality polyethylene plastic with 3/8″ nominal wall thickness; it is dent and damage resistant; however, in case of damage, the polyethylene plastic can easily be

Use 4 of the large, or 6 of the medium or 8 of the small containers to create a fully cubed out 463L Pallet. The 3 different size containers will stack on each other so you may utilize various combinations. If you have any odd shaped items or awkward boxes, put them into the BUST box and avoid the headache of spending hours trying to make individual items fit together. Each Container is equipment with an appropriately sized two-way pressure valve.

Stacking ATSC onto a 463L Pallet

Using this product, eliminates the need for the usual anti-static mats that are required by the Loadmaster. These units are extremely versatile and ideal for odd shaped and oversized items that cannot fit into a standard sized container or when the original box cannot be found. They are water-resistant, rust proof, vermin proof and an excellent addition for your deployment requirements. The lid is held securely onto the base with 1/4 turn butterfly clamps. As an option we can replace 1/4 turn butterfly clamps with Velcro straps as can be seen on some of the attached photos.

Besides being capable of storing and transporting items it can also provide necessary protection if a high threat condition would unexpectedly arise. In this situation the ATSC can quickly be filled with sand or water to create an instant protective wall or barricade. The ATSC when filled will stop any through penetration from a 9mm, 5.56, 7.62 rounds, and any dangerous flying shrapnel.

The standard color for this item is Olive Drab or Desert Tan but all colors are available.



Part No.DescriptionSizeWeightCapacityQty. per
463L Pallet
ATSC504148ATSC Small48" H x 41" W x 50" L180 lbs.50 cu. ft.8
ATSC1024132ATSC Medium32" H x 41" W x 102" L300 lbs.65 cu. ft.6
ATSC102414ATSC Large48" H x 41" W x 102" L330 lbs.100 cu. ft.4