Airport Barricade


PSP Would like to draw your attention to our newest product the Airport Barricade.  Designed specifically for use on Airports with its low profile.  This product is a great addition to block off areas under construction.  The Airport Barricade utilizes solar lights that are attached to the fill ports or has a single pocket for attaching a barricade style light.  (See Photos Below)


Solar light attaches to fill ports at both ends of barricade.

Pocket in Airport Barricade for attaching 1 barricade light.

Barricade Lights

The Airport Barricade is capable of being utilized as a single unit or hooked together to create a temporary barrier as shown in photo below.

Barricade connection joint

Once the need has been eliminated the Airport Barricades can easily be repositioned elsewhere or stored for later use.  The Airport Barricade is 96″  long x 6″ wide x 6″ tall and constructed of high quality Polyethylene plastic.  It has an approximate empty weight of 15 lbs.  When filled with water as ballast it has an approximate weight of 75 lbs.  Simply position the empty Airport Barricades in position and fill with water.  It’s quick and easy!

For increased visibility, it comes with high intensity reflective tape already applied to the Airport Barricade.  A light is available as an option that can be attached to the top of the Airport Barricade in the fill hole at each end.  There is a flag pocket located near each end for attaching 5/8″ or 3/4″ diameter flags as shown below.

Airport Barricades connected together

Pockets for 5/8″ or 3/4″ flags at both ends

For reduced shipping costs and storage when not being used, the Airport Barricades can be stacked.  The stacking bumps on top lock into the recessed pocket on the bottom side of the barricade to make a stable package.  The typical shipping package for a full skid (as shown below) is 72 Airport Barricades (9 rows of 8 barricades per row).

The Airport Barricade is available in white and safety orange.  Other colors available upon request.


Part No.SizeWeightWeight w/ WaterDescription
AB1L96SO96" L x 6" W x 6" H15 lbs.75 lbs.8' Airport Barricade with 1 light - Safety Orange
AB1L96WT96" L x 6" W x 6" H15 lbs.75 lbs.8' Airport Barricade with 1 light - White
ABLIGHTN/AAirport Barricade Solar Light