5′ X 7′ Airlift Prisoner Containment System


The Airlift Capable Prisoner Containment System (ACPCS) is designed to securely seat, restrain, isolate, and control an individual under legal apprehension. This Jail Cell will safely hold the detainee during transportation in aircrafts, vehicles, or for a temporary holding period. The ACPCS is constructed of 6 individual cells and each cell contains a molded seat manufactured from 3/8th inch polyethylene. The restraining points are tamperproof, and attached metal-to-metal through the walls of the ACPCS, so they cannot be pulled free. Each molded seat contains a seat belt and restraining points. This product has an approximate total weight of 2700 lbs and is constructed from heavy gauge, powder coated steel in order to ensure a long lifespan. Note that there are no sharp edges on the Jail Cell

The roof of the Jail Cell, and the top of each door, is constructed with an open mesh so that the prisoner may be observed and airflow is unobstructed. The door has three-point secure latches, piano hinges and can be opened during transportation (including in-flight) without disturbing the other ACPCS units on the the same pallet. It has been specifically designed to minimize interaction between persons in adjoining cells.

The standard color of an ACPCS is Olive Drab or Desert Tan but any color can be ordered. The molded seat insert is constructed of food-grade polyethylene and is easily sanitized by washing with a hose and a mixture of bleach and water. The service life of these units is designed to exceed 15 years. Note that this product is designed to fit onto a 463L Pallet.



Part No.ItemColorSizeWeightGSA No.
806284-ODComplete UnitOlive Drab62" W x 84" H x 84" L2700 lbs.GS-07F-9574S
806284-DTComplete UnitDesert Tan62" W x 84" H x 84" L2700 lbs.GS-07F-9574S


Part No.ItemColor
806284C-ODCoverOlive Drab
806284C-DTCoverDesert Tan
831031251/8" Pallet ProtectorBlack