42″ Tall x 6′ Long Portable Safety Barricade – Standard & Economy


The 42″ Tall x 6′ Long Portable Safety Barricade is available in 2 configurations. It has a tongue and groove end joint which connects the ends of two barricades. While the barricades are connected together, the joint does allow for about 15 degrees of rotation.

  1. Standard configuration – 130 pound weight
  2. Economy configuration – 100 pound weight

The barricade is a fast deployment, security response and anti-terrorism product. It is ideal for all levels of government security such as government buildings and installations, airports, military units, guard units, border patrol, and embassies. It will also provide excellent security for police and fire departments, serpentine approaches, crowd control, security lanes, and vehicle control.

The Portable Safety Barricade can be used in a variety of applications including: traffic control and channeling, building security, gate approach, bridges, roads, work zones, construction areas, lane delineation, national and state parks, and parking lots. Capable of being easily positioned without engineering support, this barricade will provide excellent protection in any application.

This unit can be utilized while empty for low threat level situations or it can be filled with water or sand as ballast depending on the threat level. Once the threat has been eliminated, it can be emptied of the media used for ballast and recovered for repositioning. The barricade is made of rotationally molded plastic and is maintenance free.

  • Male/Female ends allows for closed fit.
  • Cross members installed to prevent bowing when filled with ballast.



Standard / Economy

Part No.ColorWeight EmptyWeight FilledNSN No.
426CC / E426CCConcrete130 / 100 lbs.1500 lbs.-
426SO / E426SOSafety Orange130 / 100 lbs.1500 lbs.5660-01-466-5341
426SY / E426STSafety Yellow130 / 100 lbs.1500 lbs.5660-01-466-5339
426OD / E426ODOlive Drab130 / 100 lbs.1500 lbs.5660-01-466-5343
426DT / E426DTDesert Tan130 / 100 lbs.1500 lbs.5660-01-466-5340
426RD / E426SRRed130 / 100 lbs.1500 lbs.-
426BLBlue130 lbs.1500 lbs.-
426WTWhite130 lbs.1500 lbs.-
426WC / E426WCWhite Concrete130 / 100 lbs.1500 lbs.5660-01-466-5342