Utility Box


The Heavy Duty Utility Box is a polyethylene, nestable unit that comes complete with a lid. Custom colors and graphics are available.

This item is manufactured from polyethylene creating a box that will not absorb oils, grease or lubricant. Polyethylene is EPA and FDA approved. This is ideal for personal items or Commercial material that no longer has its original shipping carton.

The Utility Box is deployable, recoverable and recyclable, with this regard, the box will make a great asset to your unit and will solve many everyday needs.

More Information

Part No.ColorSize
UB4020112BKBlackL 40″ x W 20″ x H 12″
UB402012DTDesert TanL 40″ x W 20″ x H 12″
UB402012ODOlive DrabL 40″ x W 20″ x H 12″
UB4020112SOSafety OrangeL 40″ x W 20″ x H 12″

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