Nest Box Set


PSP, with the assistance of experienced military personnel, has designed a Nest Box Utility Set that is manufactured of high quality plastic. The nested set includes three boxes in three different sizes. Weighing only 67 lbs when empty it is half the weight of the old, wooden nest boxes which are a heavy 113 lbs when empty! Note that the 2 handles (combined) are rated to hold a maximum of 800 lbs or 400 lbs per handle.

Our product is versatile, useful, and durable. When not in use the Nest Box Set is designed to stack inside, or on top of, one another thus eliminating storage problems and saving on limited space. Manufactured from Polyethylene plastic, it is lightweight, rust, water, and rot proof and eliminates the need to use heavy wood and metal boxes.

Each box will be secured with two heavy duty Velcro straps allowing easy retrieval when nested and the strap keepers will keep each strap in place to prevent loss. This product can be opened within seconds by simply lifting out each box using the convenient Velcro straps, undoing the strap by pulling it through the buckle, and removing the top lid. The top of each lid is designed with a special smooth area upon which a packing slip can be attached in order to identify the contents. Utilizing the set requires no tools or loose hardware and eliminates time consuming, awkward assembly for deployment.

The versatility of these boxes are endless due to the three different sizes. Possible uses may include storage of food (our plastic is food grade material), loose tools, oil, gas, computer equipment, electrical equipment and much more… Just use your imagination.

More Information

Part No.ItemColorSizeWeight
402619-ODSet of ThreeOliveL 37″ x W 23″ x H 18″67 lbs.
402619-DTSet of ThreeDesert TanL 37″ x W 23″ x H 18″67 lbs.
372318-1ODLarge BoxOliveL 37″ x W 23″ x H 18″28 lbs.
372318-1DTLarge BoxDesert TanL 37″ x W 23″ x H 18″28 lbs.
341917-1ODMedium BoxOliveL 34″ x W 20″ x H 17″22 lbs.
341917-1DTMedium BoxDesert TanL 34″ x W 20″ x H 17″22 lbs.
311616-1ODSmall BoxOliveL 34″ x W 16.5″ x H 16″17 lbs.
311616-1DTSmall BoxDesert TanL 31″ x W 16.5″ x H 16″17 lbs.

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