K4 Rated Slide Arm Barrier



The K4 Rated Slide Arm Barrier Gate has been designed to stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at 30 mph. It is a manual opening gate that can be easily opened by one person. The K4 Rated Slide Arm Barrier Gate is typically ordered in a 12 foot opening width; however it can be ordered with additional 4 foot beam sections to create wider opening widths.

The gate is shipped unassembled and thus minimizes the freight expense. Once on site it can be assembled with minimal mechanical assistance. The beam is painted alternating black and yellow. For high visibility at night or during unfavorable conditions, Prismatic reflective tape is available as an option.

This gate slides on heavy duty rollers with bogey support wheels. The bogey wheels are foam filled so that flat tires are never an issue.

More Information

Part No.ItemSize
SG4-12WFK4 Rated – 12′ Slide Arm BarrierH 75″ x W 42″ x L 12′

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