Defensive Fighting Position (DFP)


The Defensive Fighting Position (DFP) provides ballistic protection for Security personnel as they work in entry control positions. It can be anchored into position to create a permanent installation or can be used as a portable installation. If left portable, it can be moved by using the optional DFP Mover or by lifting using the built-in forklift pockets.

The DFP provides 270° of protection from blast, ballistic & shrapnel. The standard DFP utilizes NIJ Level 4 (UL Level 9) certified Ballistic panels and windows which will stop a 30.06 Armor Piercing round. Other levels of protection are available upon request.

Each DFP has 2 seats, one on each side, that can be locked up for storage or lowered to give the guard a place to sit. The DFP has a gunport on the front side that can be opened / closed from inside and allows return fire from a protected position.

A roof option is available to provide sun, rain, and inclement weather protection. A solar ventilation fan is available for the roof to provide air movement. The Floor option is available to get the guard up off concrete/asphalt.

  • Roof
  • Ventilation
  • Floor
  • DFP Mover
  • Security Drape



Part No.DescriptionSizeWeight
DFP-GPBKDefensive Fighting Position7' H x 3' W x 4' L1300 lbs.
DFP-RVBKOptional Roof w/ Ventilation Fan
DFP-WABKOptional Wheel Assembly
DFP-SDDCOptional Security Drape
DFP-SFBKOptional Skid / Floor