K12 Certified Steel Swing Gate (M50)

K12 Certified Steel Swing Gate


This Crash Gate was tested at an independent facility and was given the K12 Certification as approved by the Department of State. The certification has been replaced by an M50 certification (ASTM F 2656 – 07 Vehicle Crash Testing).

The Crash Gate was tested using a 15,000 lb crash vehicle running at 50mph. Upon impact the Gate moved less then 6″ while totally disabling the vehicle. The bumper of the crash vehicle protruded through the gate less then 16″.

After the crash the vehicle was pulled away from the gate. The gate was then inspected and found to be in excellent condition. The gate was operable and opened by one man who did not require the use of any power tools or equipment. With a minimum of damage the Crash Gate was able to completely disable the vehicle and keep the 5K lb barricade strapped to the back of the vehicle from pitching forward even though the barricade broke its restraints. Certified Rated gates also available in 13′, 14′ 17′ and 20′ widths.  Engineered Rated gates are available in 22′ and 26′ widths.

The Crash Gate should be utilized at all entrances to ammo dumps, POL dumps, embassies, dams, all nuclear areas, and any area of importance worth the maximum amount of protection.

More Information

Part No.ItemSizeWeight
32503K12 Certified GateW 13′7200 lbs.
32504K12 Certified GateW 14′7500 lbs.
32505K12 Certified GateW 17′8500 lbs.
32506K12 Certified GateW 20′9500 lbs.
 32507 K12 Rated GateW 22′ 10,000 lbs.
 32508 K12 Rated Gate W 26′ 12,000 lbs.
Spare Parts
Part No.Item
325030-0002Bollard – Cable/Retracting
325030-0003Bollard – Winch/Retracting
325030-0004Pulley Cable
325030-000574″ Stainless Steel Hinge Pin