31″ Tall x 10′ Long Barricade

3110 Barricade


This barricade is easily moved by hand, without engineering support, to provide very good protection in any application. Simply position the barricade and fill with water or sand for ballast, as determined by the threat level. Empty and recover for repositioning. The barricade is made of rotationally molded plastic and is therefore maintenance free, with no need of paint and no metal to rust.

Common colors are Safety Yellow and Olive Drab, but are available in most any solid color. When positioned with ballast the barricade provides protection and security for flight lines, gate approach, roads, bridges, crowd control and many others. This product is being purchased in depth by all branches of the military, various guard units, border patrols, U.S. embassies, airports and in civilian applications, both in the U.S. and overseas.

There has been Live Fire tests conducted by various military units with ballistic protection of multi-hits up to 9mm with water, and 5.56mm and 7.62mm with sand, blast mitigation of 2 Lbs. of C4 from 4 feet, hand grenade from 2 feet, 7 rounds of 40mm flechette canister at 50 meters and a .50 Cal Dearmer with wedge slug fired at 2 feet, with no through penetration, no rebound or ricochet.

The barricades are a proven quick, effective, safety and anti-terrorism tool. The unit is currently in production and can be shipped within thirty days of placing an order.

More Information

Part No.ColorWeight EmptyWeight WaterWeight Sand
3110SYYellow155 lbs.2000 lbs.3400 lbs.
3111Red155 lbs.2000 lbs.3400 lbs.
3112Olive155 lbs.2000 lbs.3400 lbs.
3113Desert Tan155 lbs.2000 lbs.3400 lbs.
3114Blue155 lbs.2000 lbs.3400 lbs.
3115Orange155 lbs.2000 lbs.3400 lbs.
3116White155 lbs.2000 lbs.3400 lbs.
3117Concrete155 lbs.2000 lbs.3400 lbs.

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