Standard Revetment Wall


The customer should first consult with the appropriate qualified personnel of their choosing, to insure the base/foundation will support the mass. This should be done prior to the installation of the media in the barrier/structure/wall/barricade. Any damage or loss which includes, but it not limited to, base/foundation shift, compaction, cracking, leaning, falling, rupture, or any other damage is the customer’s responsibility with no claim against Creative Building Products.

PSP has been hard at work engineering a new product specifically designed to protect critical infrastructures, military personnel, and innocent civilians from terrorist attacks involving explosive weapons. While a form of this Wall has been in use by the U.S. military for some time, PSP has uniquely modified the design in order to offer a higher degree of protection. The Revetment Wall’s protective properties can also be used to safeguard the civilian sector in areas such as: industrial, commercial, and government buildings of all types.

  • Standard Wall is 4′ wide x 8′ tall x 80′ long
  • Wall is available in widths of 2′ to 8′
  • Wall is available in heights of 4′ to 16′. Additional support is required for any Wall that is greater than twice the height.
  • The Wall can be any length in multiples of 4
  • Wall can be assembled to make corners, crosses or tees. The corner can by +/- 5 degrees from 90 degrees.
  • Continuous tight design is formed so there is no sand leakageWall is shipped knocked down for reduced shipping costs. Two of the standard Walls will fit onto a 463L pallet.
  • Unskilled workers can easily assemble the Wall
  • All structural materials are made from heavy galvanized steel to prevent rust
  • Exterior sheet metal of Wall is galvanized. As an option, it can be ordered with painted sheet metal.
  • A roof or floor are available as options.
  • Wall is anti-climb
  • Wall can be extended, modified or repaired as needed in the future and still maintain its structural integrity and appearance.
  • Wall is recoverable.
  • The wall that is  8′ (wide) x 10′ (tall) x 40′ (long) Minimum is K-12 Certified.

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