K4 Rated Regular Duty Swing Gate (M30)


Engineered for maximum security the K4 Rated Manual Swing Gate is constructed of heavy duty, high strength steel and will withstand a 15,000 lb vehicle traveling at 30mph. PSP’s K4 Rated Swing Gate is expertly designed to act as a vehicular deterrent for perimeter security and traffic control purposes. Designed to Department of State K4 standards, this Gate is 4′ tall and is available with several different width openings from 14′ to 24′. The K4 Department of State standard has been replaced by the M30 requirement in ASTM F 2656 – 07.

The K4 Manual Swing Gate is a manually operated gate and therefore no external power is necessary.  The gate can be padlocked closed if required.  These Swing Gates are ideal for installations requiring vehicular intrusion protection such as government facilities, airports, embassies, nuclear facilities and military bases.



Part No.DescriptionSizeWeight
12504K4 Rated Gate14' W3,500 lbs.
12505K4 Rated Gate17' W3,600 lbs.
12506K4 Rated Gate20' W3,800 lbs.
12507K4 Rated Gate22' W3,900 lbs.
12508K4 Rated Gate24' W4,000 lbs.
25014K4 Rated Double Gate42' W6,800 lbs.