4′ Urban Terrorism Barricade


People think the Urban Terrorism Barricade is just a decorative planter when it’s really a quick, effective, safety and anti-terrorism item. This plastic portable barricade can be positioned without heavy equipment or engineering support. The quick fill, with water or sand as ballast, affords a major step in provided protection in most any application.

Simply drain the water and reposition as necessary. The 18″ deep x 24″ wide plant area is ideal for flowers or small shrubs, as dictated by the decorator, for full effect in disguising the barricade. The horticulturists gave the dimensions as ideal for plant growth.

The 4 foot long x 4 foot high x 3 foot wide barricade, with nicely rounded corners, make this a very attractive item with the ability to function as a major factor in your Force Protection and Anti-Terrorism Program. In a PSP test and Navy Seal test, 36″ wide of water was shot 3 times with 9mm and 3 times with 7.62 mm. The rounds did not go through! We have pictures and a test unit for your inspection.

This product is ideal to protect and provide security for gate entrances, doors, parking lot dividers and most any type building such as; military, state, federal as well as U.S. embassy. Custom colors are available. Other shapes and sizes can be built to your individual idea or specification. The Barricade is cheaper than concrete and easier to handle.

US Patent:  D439,184 S



Part No.ColorSizeCapacityGSA No.NSN No.
72996Gray Granite45" H x 44" W x 4' L260 gal.GS-07F-9574S5660-01-463-7068
72999Tan Granite45" H x 44" W x 4' L260 gal.GS-07F-9574S5660-01-463-7069
72991Safety Orange45" H x 44" W x 4' L260 gal.GS-07F-9574S5660-01-463-7069