Pallet Rack


  • Organizes your 463L pallets in storage for easy accountability
  • Recommend using dunnage blocks between each stack of 10 pallets
  • Rack will hold 20 pallets with dunnage blocks between each of 10 pallets
  • Entire rack, with pallets, can be moved with a fork lift
  • Easily move entire Rack out to packing and staging area
  • 463L pallets can be put into Rack and entire unit can be taken to the storage facility, greatly reducing fork lift handling time.
  • Collapsible for easy transport or storage

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More Information

Part No. Color Size Collapsed Size Weight Capacity
PR1109320 Primer H 87″ x W 93″ x L 110″ H 20″ x W 93″ x L 110″ 1100 lbs. 20 pallets
Note: Olive Drab and Desert Tan are available at additional cost.

F.O.B. Origin