Ballistic Crash Gate

Left Rear Barrier


Engineered for maximum security the Ballistic Crash Gate is constructed of heavy duty, high strength steel and will withstand a 10,000 lb. vehicle traveling at 20 mph. PSP’s Ballistic Crash Gate is expertly designed to act as vehicular deterrent for perimeter security and traffic control purposes. This gate is 8′ tall and is available with several different width openings from 14′ to 24′ wide.

The operator manual Ballistic Crash Gate, is openedby one person with manual gate opener. The gate provides NIJ III Ballistic protection for a full 8′ height. It includes a pedestrian walk through door with ballistic window.


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More Information

Part No. Item Size
BCG12X2H Ballistic Crash Gate – 12′ Opening H 96″ x W 96″ x L 13′
BCG16X2H Ballistic Crash Gate – 16′ Opening H 96″ x W 96″ x L 17′
BCG20X2H Ballistic Crash Gate – 20′ Opening H 96″ x W 96″ x L 21′
BCG24X2H Ballistic Crash Gate – 24′ Opening H 96″ x W 96″ x L 25′

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