31″ / 42″ Tall  Barricade Corner

The 31″ Corner is manufactured of the highest quality Polyethylene and is heat and fade resistant. If the material becomes damaged it can be repaired by using any plastic repair kit. The 31″ Corner is made to fit onto the end of the 31″ x 10″ Portable Safety Barricade and will allow the Barricade to be positioned in 90 degree angles.

42″ Tall x 6′ Long Positive Lock Barricade – Standard & Economy

The Standard Portable Safety Barricade can be used in a variety of applications including: traffic control and channeling, building security, gate approach, bridges, roads, work zones, construction areas, lane delineation, national and state parks, and parking lots. Capable of being easily positioned without engineering support, this barricade will provide excellent protection in any application.