Adjustable Fork Pallet Trailers

The Pro-Pallet Carrier® allows any vehicle with a conventional ball or military hitch to haul and unload heavy loads simply, quickly, and safely! And all this can be accomplished with only a single operator!

Emergency Response Unit

In critical situations, you don’t want to waste time looking all over for the required equipment, the ERU is made just for this purpose. This unit is complete, compact, and ready to roll at a moments notice.

Utility Box

The Heavy Duty Utility Box is a polyethylene, nestable unit that comes complete with a lid. Custom colors and graphics are available. This item is manufactured from polyethylene creating a box that will not absorb oils, grease or lubricant.

Sea or Cruise Box

Using the input of experienced military personnel this product has been created to make the transporting of personal belongings more efficient. Instead of wasting time trying to maneuver awkward, heavy, wooden boxes with their sharp corners, it would be simpler to use the PSP Sea/Cruise Box.

Nest Box Set

Our product is versatile, useful, and durable. When not in use the Nest Box Set is designed to stack inside, or on top of, one another thus eliminating storage problems and saving on limited space. Manufactured from Polyethylene plastic, it is lightweight, rust, water, and rot proof and eliminates the need to use heavy wood and metal boxes.

Air Transportable Storage Container

The Box Utility Storage Transport (BUST) was designed with the help of Air Force professionals to eliminate problems and headaches common to transporting large loads. For example, by utilizing this product, there is no more need for the usual anti-static mats that are required by the LoadMaster.

Security Kit

Construction Zone? Traffic Control? The PSP Security Kit has everything you need to make the flow of traffic smooth.

Pioneer Kit

Ready at a moment’s notice, the PSP Pioneer Kit has everything you need to set up and dig in. The Pioneer Kit is complete with all high quality tools and a high quality Polyethylene plastic storage box, that is lightweight, rust, water, and rot proof and will eliminate the need to use heavy wood and metal boxes. All items can be ordered separately after you have bought the kit.

6′  Fence Panels

The Portable Security Fence Panel is used for fast application and temporary fencing projects. It is easily installed by only two men and there are no special tools required for setup.

Raptor Vehicle Barrier

The Raptor is a powder coated steel vehicle barrier that will repel vehicles that try to crash through it. It is shipped disassembled on a skid. When ready for deployment, simply use the supplied tool and it can be easily assembled without engineering support.