Crash Certified Revetment Wall

PSP has been hard at work engineering a new product specifically designed to protect critical infrastructures, military personnel, and innocent civilians from terrorist attacks involving explosive weapons.

Ballistic Wall Partition

NIJ-4 Ballistic Wall Partitions for enclosing work areas. Easy to assemble, no engineering support is required. Can be configured to fit any office, work area, reception area, etc. Can be either free standing or anchored to floor.

Defensive Fighting Position (DFP)

Defensive Fighting Position (DFP) is a personal mobile guard post. It can be portable or permanently installed anywhere. Comes with a fold shelf and seat. NIJ-4 or NIJ-3 Ballistic walls and windows, 270° of protection from blast, ballistic & shrapnel.

High Threat Security Barricade

This barricade is easily moved by hand, without engineering support, to provide excellent protection in any application. Simply position the barricade and fill with water or sand for ballast, as determined by the threat level.

Houston Barricade

The Houston Threat Barricade is 8 feet tall by 7 feet long. The gray and tan granite colors make a great blend with other structures while still providing the maximum blast protection using sand for mitigation. Desert Tan and Olive Drab are also available if desired.

Houston Barricade Corner

The Houston Threat Barricade Corner is 8 feet tall by 7 feet long. No heavy equipment is necessary to install the barricade and it can be repositioned when threat changes occur.

42″ Tall  x 8′ Long Safety Barricade – Standard & Economy

Unlimited applications include; traffic control and channeling, building security, gate approach, bridges, road, work zones, construction areas, lane delineation, national and state parks, parking lots, and many others. Easily positioned, without engineering support, the barricade provides very good protection in any application.

Hedge Hogs

The product is banded together and shipped as a single unit. Using the supplied hardware, the Hedgehog can be bolted together on site to create a barrier that is easily installed without engineering support. The unit can be disassembled for repositioning.

Rapid Deployment Wire

This product is meant to be used in conjunction with the ANT® 40LR. During a simulated test the wire was deployed in about 2 minutes. The wire was recovered in about 20 minutes using 2 men.