24′ Portable Guard Tower

24 ft Guard Tower Assembly


The Guard Tower itself is manufactured with four separate wall units that allow for quick and easy assembly on top of two standard Conex Boxes. Once placed on the Conex Boxes the Guard Tower will be approximately 24 feet in the air, giving the guards a greater view of the perimeter or area of threat. Once in position, the walls are filled from the top using sand as ballast. The sand filled walls provide the guards inside with 360 degrees of protection from 9mm, 5.56, and 7.62 threats. 12″ dumps are provided for easy removal of the ballast allowing the Guard Tower to be repositioned as needed.

The overhead cover is 3/4″ plywood on which lights, sensors, and antennae can be installed if desired. Access to the cover can be reached through a hatch type door that is pre-installed for convenience. The PSP Guard Tower eliminates the time and the mess associated with using sandbags. This product is a recoverable asset that can be broken down and deployed inside the Conex Box.

For accessing the Guard Tower, we have an external ladder with Walk Through and Safety Platform. The Ladder, Walk Through and Safety Platform are attached to non-threat side of Guard Tower. When accessing the Guard Tower, you will climb most of the way up the ladder, step onto the Safety Platform and then step into the Guard Tower through the opening in the one side wall. Note, the Walk Through is typically in the long wall, but can be ordered in short wall if required.


All parts and tools needed for assembly are included in the kit bag. Stakes are also provided for the Concertina Wire installation. The standard colors for the Portable Guard Tower are Olive Drab or Desert Tan; however, all colors are available upon request.

There is also an optional wind/rain/visibility Shield available in Olive Drab and Desert Tan. It attaches with Velcro.

The Portable Guard Tower can be ordered in various configurations as listed below:

  • Guard Tower only – Can be placed on the ground or on top of a TriCon Container that you supply. Will be shipped on skid.
  • Guard Tower with TriCon Container – Guard Tower will be shipped inside TriCon Container with all tools for installation.
  • Complete Guard Tower with TriCon Container – Guard Tower will be shipped inside TriCon Container with all tools for installation, 1000 ft of razor wire and wire installation kit. The Wire Installation Kit includes a Fence Post Driver, 25 – 5 ft stakes and 25 – 7 ft stakes.


Ordering Information:

Part No.ItemColorSizeWeightGSA No.
9672OD-GTGuard TowerOlive DrabW 6.5′ x H 8′ x L 8′1800 lbs.GS-07F-9503S
9672DT-GTGuard TowerDesert TanW 6.5′ x H 8′ x L 8′1800 lbs.GS-07F-9503S
967224OD-GTCB24′ Guard Tower w/TriCon ContainerOlive DrabW 6.5′ x H 24′ x L 8′7000 lbs.pending
967224DT-GTCB24′ Guard Tower w/TriCon ContainerDesert TanW 6.5′ x H 24′ x L 8′7000 lbs.pending
967224OD24′ Complete Guard Tower UnitOlive DrabW 6.5′ x H 24′ x L 8′7600 lbs.pending
967224DT24′ Complete Guard Tower UnitDesert TanW 6.5′ x H 24′ x L 8′7600lbspending
Part No.ItemColor
9672OD-CVWind/rain/visibility ShieldOlive Drab
9672DT-CVWind/rain/visibility ShieldDesert Tan
 9672WTLWalkthrough with Ladder
 9672WTSWalkthrough with Stairs
 9672-WRKWood Replacement Kit
 9672-CWKConcertina Wire Kit

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