Portable Ballistic Panel

Portable Ballistic Panel - 1


Portable Ballistic Panels can be moved to where protection is required. Once you have it in the require position, all 4 wheels are locked. It is easy to assemble and no engineering support is required. We offer standard panels in 3.5 feet and 5 feet long options. Other sizes available upon request. Available in either a NIJ-3 or NIJ-4 Ballistic Protection. The NIJ-4 model has Ballistic protection up to the following weapons:

  • 45 cal Handgun
  • 30-06 M14 Armor Piercing (AP) Round
  • AK47 (7.62×39)
  • Most Blast Fragments

These configurable wall systems can be used in some of these situations:

  • Recruiting Stations
  • Government Offices
  • Military Bases/Operations
  • Schools
  • Police Stations
  • Courthouses
  • High Value Personnel
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
Basic Features
  • Customizable to your specific requirement
  • All components are powder coated black (other colors by request)
  • Optional Vinyl cover is available
  • Casters can be removed for a permanent installation
  • All parts for installation are included


Part No. Item Protection Level Size Weight GSA No.
PBP4280 Portable Ballistic Panel – 42″ x 80″ NIJ-3 L 42″ x W 48″x H 80″ 300 lbs. GS-07F-9574S
PBP4281 Portable Ballistic Panel – 42″ x 80″ NIJ-4 L 42″ x W 48″x H 80″ 550 lbs. GS-07F-9574S
PBP6054 Portable Ballistic Panel – 60″ x 54″ NIJ-3 L 60″ x W 32″ x H 54″ 300 lbs. GS-07F-9574S
PBP6055 Portable Ballistic Panel – 60″ x 54″ NIJ-4 L 60″ x W 32″ x H 54″ 550lbs GS-07F-9574S

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