Tactical Forward Observation System (T-FOS)


The Tactical Forward Observation System (T-FOS) ships fully assembled. It can be towed to a needed location and deployed in about 5 minutes.  The T-FOS comes equipped with a battery operated pump for raising and lowering the unit. The battery operated pump makes setup as easy as pressing a button. Systems is keep charged by the solar panel.

The T-FOS has NIJ Level 4 ballistic protection (30-06 armor piercing) on roof and all 4 sides.



More Information

Part No.DescriptionWeightShipping SizeGSA Number
9672RDCenturion Guard Tower6200 lbs.8′ (long) x 6.5′ (wide) x 8′ (tall)GS-07F-9503S
9672CT Centurion Trailer2500 lbs.18′ (long) x 88″ (wide) x 4′ (tall)
PPC-75LHTTow Unit 7500 lbs.4500 lbs.16′ (long) x 8.5′ (wide) x 7′ (tall)
WMK1Weapon Mount Kit – 24060 lbs.36′ (long) x 20″ (wide) x 16″ (tall)
9672RDCRCenturion Wind/Rain/Visibility Shield2000 lbs.12″ (diameter) x 32″ (long)

F.O.B. Origin