Small Round Flowerpot

39X24 UT RND-13


The Flower Pot is a plastic molded item that is portable and functional. Simply fill with water for ballast and plant your flowers or shrubs as dictated by Post Beautification and the responsible Security Force for maximum protection. No parts to break, no painting as the color is completely through the product and no metal to rust. Made from recyclable material that has a very long life with very pleasing visual effect.

The water can be drained for repositioning as necessary or by redirection of command. Standard Gray Granite color, with other colors available. Suggested to be used with other CBP produced Urban Terrorism Barricades for greatest options in protection.

More Information

Part No.ColorSizeWeight w/WaterEmpty WeightCapacityGSA No.NSN No.
72997Gray GraniteDiameter 39″ x H 24″450 lbs.55 lbs.50 gal.GS-07F-0273J5660-01-463-7070
72994Desert TanDiameter 39″ x H 24″450 lbs.55 lbs.50 gal.GS-07F-0273J5660-01-463-7073

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