Floating Boom


A floating portable boom has been designed for waterside security. This boom gives the guards a line in the water to determine a potential threat. The base is safety orange with a white outer panel and white sign panels. The salt water approved hardware and ½” stainless steel cables makes this a great security product. The unit is 100% closed cell foam filled and requires no tool or loose parts for its deployment.

The boom is completely collapsible for easy transport or stacking on a pallet for storage. For the foreign ports, signs can be produced in their native language.

More Information

Part No.ColorSizeWeightGSA No.
4462Orange / WhiteL 94″ x W 38″ x H 12″225 lbs.GS-07F -9574S
Replacement Parts
Part No.ItemSizeWeight
4462SBSign BoardL 72″ x W x 1.5″ x H 36″30 lbs.
4462SPSign PanelL 47″ x W x 1.5″ x H 15″16 lbs.
4462BABaseL 94″ x W 38″ x H 12″85 lbs.
4462DBDagger BoardL 20″ x W 3″ x H 24″75 lbs.
Optional Accessories
Part No.Item
4462LAmber Strobe Light
4462S2 ea. White Sign
4462CStainless Steel Cabling

Note: Minimum orders is 5 units.