Pallet Protector


This Plastic Pallet Protector, when put on the expensive 463L Pallet, will protect the surface from damage and will provide an anti-static discharge mat. On deployment to certain areas where wood cannot be returned, this is a perfect product as it will not contaminate. The material is a High Molecular Polyethylene (HMP) with a hair cell finish. No more plywood splinters, warp or problems caused by the use of wood. Custom colors are available; however, black has the highest UV factor. The Pallet and Net NCOIC will love it! Great for Decon!

Basic Features

No hassles with scrap wood. No seams, splinters, or warp. It’s recyclable, repairable, cut to exact size, re-usable, anti-static, easy to align, can be glued, insect and vermin proof, will not contaminate, and it is an inexpensive protection for the deck of the expensive 463L pallet.



Part No.ColorSizeWeight
83103125Black1/8" H X 83" W X 103" L40 lbs.
83103250Black1/4" H X 83" W X 103" L80 lbs.
83103375Black3/8" H X 83" W X 103" L120 lbs.