Nestable Cot Bunker

Nestable Cot Bunker


The Cot Bunker is a uniquely molded plastic unit that is shipped broken down in a nestable mode to conserve space. It requires no tools for assembly, has no loose parts to lose or replace, and does not require any engineering support.

The multi-use Cot Bunker can be deployed both inside and outside of tents. It can be setup directly on the ground or on a hard floor surface. For additional security, individual Cot Bunkers can be placed side by side to construct a ballistic wall that will provide the troops with an excellent Defensive Fighting Position for any threat up to .50 cal M33, .50 cal Armor Piercing and 155 mm shrapnel. When the troops stop to rest and retire to their cot area a full measure of security will be apparent and provide a welcome time to relax, take care of personal needs, or prepare for the next assigned mission.

Tests by an independent lab show the cot bunker will withstand a .50 caliber ball, a .50 caliber Armor Piercing and up to 155 mm fragmentation with no through penetration. Written report provided on request. Great for Defensive Fighting Position or inside small arms target!

US Patent:  D520,146S

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Part No.ItemSizeWeightEmpty WeightCapacityGSA No.
4140Olive DrabH 56″2400 lbs.75 lbs.23 cu. ft.GS-07F-0273J
4141Desert TanH 56″2400 lbs.75 lbs.23 cu. ft.GS-07F-0273J

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