Personnel Protector

Personnel Protector


A molded, plastic system to mitigate blast and absorb fragmentation, shrapnel, and energy as a personal protection enhancement. The molded, plastic, color-safe unit can be installed by hand and filled with sand to create 24 inches of minimum protection. It’s ability to be quickly deployed and easily recoverable make this an excellent system for your security needs.

The front and rear treatment complete the ability to protect from small arms fire or ricochet. The complete system includes four segment covers and two end treatments. Standard colors are Desert Tan and Olive Drab.

Test results are available upon request.

US Patent:  D465,284 S

More Information

Part No.ItemSizeWeight w/SandEmpty WeightCapacityGSA No.
12541ODOlive DrabD 30″ x H 7″ 6″ x W 10′15000 lbs.385 lbs.GS-07F-9503S
12542DTDesert TanD 30″ x H 7″ 6″ x W 10′9450 lbs.385 lbs.GS-07F-9503S

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