Heavy Duty Steel Barricade


A portable, heavy duty, metal barricade was developed by Perimeter Security Products due to the worldwide requests we received from our Embassy RSO’s. They asked for a much larger and heavier unit that would provide them added protection during high threat levels.

The product is manufactured of 1/4″ plate steel. The exterior metal is protected with a Safety Yellow paint application. The barricade is constructed in 3 pieces and is easily placed into position with a fork lift. Interlocking ends provide great protection from vehicle ram and ballistic threat. The barricades can be installed and repositioned, at your discretion, for changing threat.

More Information

Part No.SizeWeight w/SandEmpty WeightGSA No.NSN No.
72872″ Tall x 8′ Long12,000 lbs.1800 lbs.GS-07F-0273J5660-01-470-9121

F.O.B. Origin

Quantity discounts available on retail sales only. Will accept government credit cards. Terms 2% 10, Net 30 days standard. * Product Only