Forward Operating Base (FOB)

Forward Operating Base (FOB)


Perimeter Security Products FOB’s have a unique modular design. The perimeter of each is constructed of Houston Barricades or Blast Walls depending on the particular threat level being met. Each FOB is custom designed to match specific need of the Camp. A variety of products including: Guard Towers, Barricades, Hedge Hogs, Checkpoint Bunkers, Bunker Covers, Gates, Concertina Wire and Security Veils can be added to complete the FOB and make it functional.

Perimeter Security Products innovative designs are tested with live demonstrations. Key components used in the modular FOB systems are tested to insure each FOB will provide the protection needed for a given threat.

Our systems are long lasting and recoverable. Perimeter Security Products FOB will not deteriorate over time like others. There are no bags to fill, no loose parts to keep up with and the individual components are easy to move and re-configure as needed.


Entry Control Point

The Entry Point, (ECP), is one of the most important aspects of any FOB. The ECP defines how personnel, vehicles, and materials enter a base. Each FOB contains multiple ECP’s, some for vehicles and some designed for personnel. At Perimeter Security Products, we know that threats change, that’s why we work with Security Forces, Engineers, and Force Protection Experts to create innovative modular products that can be used in combination, to create ECP’s that can be configured to protect against a specific threat and easily modified as situations change.

Houston High Threat Barricade

The Houston Barricade is 8′ tall by 4′ wide. It provides blast protection using sand for mitigation. No heavy equipment is necessary to install the barricade. Forklift pockets make it possible to easily reposition sections as threats change. The Houston Barricade is made of high density polyethylene. In demonstrations this barricade has shown it’s ability to catch shrapnel and eliminate rebounds and ricochet. The Houston Barricade Corner Section is made to fit onto the end of the Houston Barricade and will allow for a continuous wall when making a 90° corner.



Revetment Wall

The Revetment Walls are prefabricated and easy to construct. They provide maximum blast protection. Each system is customized to your needs. Walls are available in heights up to 16′. The width of the wall will be determined by threat protection level and wall height. The galvanized panels resist rusting and will last for years.


Hedge Hogs


PSP Hedge Hogs are prefabricated and easy to assemble. The are available in 3′, 5′ and 7′ models. When set side by side they form a formidable obstacle. Hedge Hogs are a great way to force traffic to serpentine through a Vehicle ECP. They can also be chained together with the optional Chain Kit.

Portable Guard Tower


The Portable Guard Tower is designed to fit on top of a standard TriCon Container. It is shipped complete with all components and tools needed to assemble. It comes standard with an external ladder. An optional step entry and sloping ladder is available. The Step Thru option keeps you less exposed when entering the tower. The tower walls provide NIJ4 protection when filled with sand.



Guard Tower main photo


Checkpoint Bunker


Checkpoint Bunkers are available with or without overhead protection and there is a model for sand or water fill. Both provide NIJ4 protection. The step thru design makes it easy for the sentry to exit the bunker for inspections.


Bunker Covers


Bunker Covers are designed to provide personnel protection during an attack. They are constructed of high density polyethylene. Each section is filled with sand to provide protection from blasts. Sections lock to form a shelter. In demonstrations, the Bunker cover has shown it’s ability to catch shrapnel and eliminate rebounds and ricochets. The Bunker End Caps provide additional protection from sniper fire while making it easy to enter and exit the unit.



These barricades are easily moved by hand, without engineering support. Simply position the barricades and fill with sand or water for ballast as determined by the threat level. The barricades are made from polyethylene and are maintenance free. When positioned with ballast these barricades provide protection at gate approaches, roads, crowd control, etc. Available in multiple colors.




Tire Shredder


The Tire Shredder is easily installed on an existing roadway without excavating or asphalt cutting. The low profile 2″ permits smooth passage of a vehicle in the allowed direction. Teeth are spring loaded and retract as vehicle pass over. The teeth can be locked to allow travel in both directions. Manufactured from 1/4″ thick steel and powder coated for lasting durability. The Tire Shredder comes in 3 ft sections.


Perimeter Security Veil


The Perimeter Security Veil (PSV) is ideal for use on fences, Check Point Bunkers or other exposed perimeter areas in a FOB that you don’t want to be seen. The PSV was evaluated by the US Army Military Police School (USAMPS) and shown to be very useful in blocking the enemy’s view of valuable assets inside a facility, while allowing the warfighter the capability of detecting and assessing targets on the exterior. The PSV is 33 ft X 7’6″ and available in Desert Camo and Tiger Stripe.


Rapid Deployment Wire


Concertina Wire is an important consideration for perimeter protection of any FOB. Perimeter Security Products offer a wide range of products to fill this need from 18″ Concertina Wire to the top of the Houston Barricades, 38″ short barb Concertina to protect the outside perimeter. Perimeter Security Products Triple-Strand 48″ wide X 80″ tall BTC Rapid Deploy System can deploy 500 ft of wire in 2 minutes and recovered in 20 minutes for redeployment.  All tools and stakes needed for deployment and recovery are included. Optional Pro-Pallet Carrier® can be used to deploy and recover the wire.


Slide Arm Barrier Gate


The Slide Arm Barrier Gate is available in any length up to 40ft. The gate slides on a heavy duty roller with a bogey support wheel on each end for support and operation. The beam is painted alternating black and yellow for high visibility in any conditions day or night. Prismatic reflection tape is an option. The heavy duty gate provides excellent protection and comes complete with a tool set to speed assembly. Each can be mounted to the top of concrete barricades or gate frame supports as shown. The gate can be disassembled and moved on a common pallet, asset recoverable.

Weapons Clearing Station (WCS)


The Weapons Clearing Station is designed to provide a safe place to properly empty a weapon. The polyethylene construction insures that it won’t rust or corrode like metal barrels. The unit can easily be filled with sand from the top and provides 12″ of mitigation material all the way around the clearing opening. The clearing opening is raised on the edges to protect weapons against damage. Fork pockets on the bottom make it easy to move.


F.O.B. Origin

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