Centurion II



The Centurion Guard Tower can be set in place and made ready for use in under 5 minutes. The Guard Tower’s ability to be rapidly deployed make it ideal for Military Checkpoints, Dock Security, Border Patrol Operations, etc. The ballistic panels surrounding the Guard Tower are NIJ4 rated and provide 360º protection from 7.62mm ammunition. The internal ladder keeps occupants concealed while entering and exiting the tower. Each unit comes with a lightning rod kit, fold out rain/shade visors, folding weapon support shelves which are attached to the ballistic walls and a radio storage shelf in the Tower.

Centurion ships fully assembled. Centurion comes equipped with a battery operated pump for raising and lowering the unit. The battery operated pump makes setup as easy as pressing a button. System is keep charged by the solar panel on the Centurion’s visor. The internal ladder is designed to automatically extend when the Guard Tower is in the up position. When it is deployed, the Centurion remains on top of the Centurion Trailer and will get the guards eyes to about 18 feet off the ground. The Centurion can be loaded onto the trailer with doors on the rear of the trailer as shown or with the doors to the front side of the trailer.

The units base conforms to standard Tricon container specifications. It is air transport-able with the use of LSA™ adapter: no need for 463L pallet and devices. The Guard Tower can be transported by any vehicle with a hitch as it comes with the Centurion Trailer. When being shipped overseas, the container is unstacked from the trailer and both items will fit into a high cube shipping container. There are 4 outriggers (1 on each corner) that are engaged to stabilize the Centurion.

Optional Wind/Rain Shield protection is also available that is attached with Velcro. The photo below shows the Shield attached with the clear side to the top. It can be reversed to put the solid side to the top, which will block your view from that side.

Deploying Centurion Rapid Deploy Guard Tower

Centurion II Trailer Deployment

Centurion II Deployment on Centurion Trailer

More Information

Part No.DescriptionWeightShipping SizeGSA Number
9672RDCenturion Guard Tower7500 lbs.8′ (long) x 6.5′ (wide) x 8′ (tall)GS-07F-9503S
9672CT Centurion Trailer2500 lbs.18′ (long) x 88″ (wide) x 4′ (tall)
PPC-75LHTTow Unit 7500 lbs.4500 lbs.16′ (long) x 8.5′ (wide) x 7′ (tall)
WMK1Weapon Mount Kit – 24060 lbs.36′ (long) x 20″ (wide) x 16″ (tall)
9672RDCRCenturion Wind/Rain/Visibility Shield200 lbs.12″ (diameter) x 32″ (long)

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